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I am a verified artist with Verisart, an innovative and award winning company that does Blockchain Certification of art and fine art. All my limited-edition prints come with Certificates of Authenticity securely registered on the blockchain. Each limited-edition print is authenticated, certified and registered, both with a physical certificate and digital QR code. I am happy to present certification of the authenticity of my work, in such an innovative way.

Photographic artist Lizane Louw Presents: 

A study of the Namib Desert. Land of Fire. Series I.

This is the first selection of images of the Elements of Nature curation. Images i to xxxv.

Land of Fire  brings together a selection of desert scapes and landscape images. Images were created on a three-month-long desert and wildlife adventure in Southern Africa in 2019.

The emotion barren landscapes and the passing of time evoke, are celebrated. I explore nature and space and share a moment in time, "painted" eloquently with my camera.

I am a travel photographer, always drawn to places that live only in the imagination. Far off remote places that very few people will explore. I enjoy painting and this is where my worlds in photography and painting collide.

From its early days, landscape photography was a way for photographers to mimic the work of master painters, this time not painting with pigment, but painting with light. Photographers like painters like to document the natural world, and one can say that landscape photographs mimic landscape paintings in terms of composition and subject matter. Landscapes photographs are created in spaces that move slow. Cameras are objects that record the natural world and tools that create art through vision and artistic expression.

So with my love for the deserts, adventure, expeditions and road trips, I explore remote and desolate places and make art.

Land of Fire, Series I, is the first series I am making available as limited edition fine art prints. Each image has a unique name and description that can be found in the gallery. With these images the elements of nature as identified in ancient cultures are explored, namely fire, earth, wind, water, wood, metal and void. In each of these images, one or more of these physical elements of nature are represented.

Keep your eyes on the page, Land of Fire and Ice, coming soon.

Original, signed, limited edition prints of selected work from my portfolio are available. These prints are printed with archival inks on 100% cotton paper with a smooth matte finish and are museum- and exhibition quality. 

All prices are available on request; I prefer a personal experience above a digital click and buy, get in contact.

Have questions? Get in contact with me. 

Pause. Breathe. Feel.

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General information

 All limited edition images are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers. 

· Images are printed with a white border and are unframed and unmounted. 

· Mounted and framed prints are available on request.

· Prints are signed, in recto or verso with the Hahnemühle Signing Pen Duo in either graphite or ink.

· All prints are also signed with an additional caption and descriptive text on an archival label of 100% cotton

· The archival labels ensure quality and preservation, these labels are affixed to the print's back. 

· Small prints are rolled, protected with acid-free recycled paper and shipped in a tube to the final destination. 

· Larger size prints and images printed on thicker paper are shipped in cardboard protection, protected with acid-free paper.

· All shipments are labeled with the branding of the studio. 

· Shipping is free, worldwide.

Certificate of Authenticity

Format example of printed Certificate of Authentication with a QR code.

Included with each work of art is a signed Certificate of Authentication with an QR code that will show ownership of physical work of art and a link to Certificate of Authenticity registered on the blockchain.

All my limited-edition prints and artworks come with Certificates of Authenticity. All work is registered by Verisart, an award winning company that does Blockchain Certification for art and fine art with museum quality certificates.

Digital Certificate of Authentication 

All artwork and prints are blockchain registered with Verisart.

Artist verification (✔️) with digital certificate. This digital certificate is linked by QR code to the physical certificate.

This is proof that the work is registered on the blockchain by Verisart. All limited edition prints and artworks will be registered on the blockchain in this decentralised ledger. 

Information on print medium, size and edition, production location, location of artwork and inventory number is on the digital certificate, a click a way.

The history of ownership, changes of ownership and events linking to blockchain transactions are recorded here.

Museum quality labels

All labels are printed on natural archival paper that is 100% cotton. The quality of all material ensures longevity.

Example of a museum quality label that comes with each print.

Information on the label:

·      name of artist

·      medium of print

·      size of artwork

·      edition of work 

·     QR code that link to digital certificate

·      artist signature 

·      blockchain registration

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