Artist Statement

Lizane Louw is a multidisciplinary artist, current location 📍Studio Lizane Louw, Berlin Germany

Photography and Lens-based Art

b. 1977

South African / Namibian born in Cape Town
Based in Berlin, Germany

Available for commissions and assignments, internationally.

We are a family of explorers; we travel often.

When I was about eight or nine, my mom and dad returned from a trip to Namibia. Of course, being South African/Namibian meant our family travelled in Africa often.

After this road trip safari to the desert, my mom showed me four A4 framed photographs of Kolmanskop, an abandoned mining village, outside Lüderitz in Namibia. These images significantly impacted my young mind, and these visual treasures inspired a lifetime of travel and photography.

Since I first encountered those images, I have always wanted to head to Kolmanskop and document these abandoned buildings myself; I finally made that trip with my family and my German husband in 2019. I created a small body for work, Kolmanskop, a Ghost Town of Namib. My passion for photography took me full circle.

I have a passion for the visual arts and work in the fields of photography, journalism and design.

When I am in the field creating photographs, time stops. I lose my sense of"being" and escape into what I see in front of me. I love losing myself in creative experiences.

When I work, I like being the fly on the wall, being an invisible witness to events. I want to blend in and not be part of the stories I document.

With my work, I tell stories. In the past, I worked in hard news and photojournalism. My career evolved into more conscious experiences with photography over the past 6 years, more experimentation with lens-based art, and more documentation.

I choose what I want to focus my work on, I set out to witness events that interest me, visit places I am curious about, have cultural experiences that inspire me and document the stories of these places and people, so I can share them with others.

I look for lines, textures, movement, and verbs and am constantly inspired to create if I find myself in interesting situations with good light. I am always switched on; I take my camera with me everywhere I go.

Being a photographer and a journalist is a lifestyle; I crossed the boundaries of this being a career years ago. I have experimented a lot with photography as an art form. I tried different cameras and techniques and experimented with iPhone street photography in the biggest cities in Europe and Asia.

The technical knowledge I gained from my research and experimentation inspired a lot of personal visual projects. I started with social documentary work whilst I was a photojournalist in Africa.

I lived between countries in South-, East and South East Asia for a decade. While I lived in Asia, continuing my studies in multimedia and completing a master's degree in journalism, I experimented a lot with photography. I worked on photo haiku, did audio slideshows of environmental stories, created documentaries, did printing projects on various papers, and experimented with hand-printed image transfers to canvas. I also participated in street photography exhibitions and gave lectures and workshops in visual journalism and photography.

My love for the visual arts inspired more research into printing. I ventured into textile printing with natural dyes on organic cotton in India and Batik in Bali and Malaysia. I love organic weaves and natural hand-printed textiles.

This passion for textiles and printing inspired the current project  I am working on. When work on this project, I am based in Jaipur, India.

I am following a career in slow multimedia journalism and photography. I work in travel, culture, nature, and portraiture—my work is documentary at its core. However, I still challenge myself creatively; I recently started experimenting with abstract minimalist landscapes inspired by Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock.

In my work, I explore who we are as humans. I am interested in the human condition and our human relationship with nature.  


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