Hi, my name is Lizane. 
I am a photographer, 
journalist and designer 
based in Berlin.

I am a multimedia journalist and photographer specialising in stories on travel, culture, and the natural world. My long-term projects focus on the environment, the human condition and the pressing issues of climate change and global warming.

My extensive travels through Asia, Europe,and Africa have inspired me to document the impacts of human activities on the environment. In sharing stories on these topics, I want to foster awareness and encourage dialogue around environmental preservation, sustainable travel, positive cultural practices, and sustainability.

I am passionate about art and design and my work in digital design is at the intersection of journalism, communication, design and technology. I provide product design that creates visual and immersive experiences. 

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Current Project

A History in Colour

Patterns, Pigments, and Prints

In block print studios in Bagru, India, the earthy scent of natural dyes and mud hangs thick in the air. Master block printers, their hands trained through stories told by their parents and skills handed down from their ancestors, work with focus. Masterworks are created on organic textiles with plant-based dyes, organic inks, and mud.

The tap-tap sound of the blocks pressed down on the fabric becomes meditative as the artists create textile art with rhythmic precision. The blocks, crafted by master artisans, are dipped into dyes with experienced and wrinkled hands, transferring intricate designs onto textiles.

Block printing is more than just a textile art; these block makers and textile artists are living history. This community speaks a language with patterns, pigments, and designs.

I witnessed a textile art that has a history stretching back centuries across Asia. In February, I will return to India to continue the project.

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I am heading back to Northern India the middle of February '23 for a solo photo expedition and to continue my documentation of the textile traditions of Rajasthan and to visit the tea regions of Darjeerling and Asam.

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Latest written work

Framing Time: Kolmanskop Through My Lens – A Photographic Travelogue.

by Lizane Louw

A time capsule in the desert. Kolmanskop’s ghostly beauty beckons explorers to witness its beauty and decay. Photo Lizane Louw

From glory to desert dust: Kolmanskop’s silent descent into the Namib. Photo Lizane Louw

Discover the captivating history of Kolmanskop, a mining village with a colonial legacy. Experience this abandoned desert outpost's surreal beauty through a photographer's lens. This is a story about an epic, unplanned Southern African adventure.

Framing Time: Kolmanskop Through My Lens – A Photographic Travelogue by Lizane Louw

The Studio Art Photo Gallery and Printshop

Studio Stories

A Social Journey

I  am the owner of The Studio Art Photo Gallery and Printshop, we do print drops of limited and open edition prints of my work I create on my photography expeditions and roadtrips—join our adventures on the studio pages online. 

For fine art prints, licensing of images, or to inquire about multimedia and design projects, get in contact with me by email at lizane@lizanelouw.com.

The work in our art photogallery is timeless, classic and unique, with a contemporary twist.  

Visit our print shop at studiolizanelouw.com

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