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Lizane Louw is a Berlin-based multimedia journalist, photographer, and designer specialising in stories on the environment, sustainability, and the human condition. Her work focuses on visual communication, multimedia design, text and multimedia editing. With extensive experience as a multimedia photojournalist, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Louw's work and studies have taken her to over 60 countries. She lives for adventure and loves the outdoors, often travelling to immerse herself in cultural experiences.

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The art of seeing. A visual exploration of sustainability, the enviroment and the human experience.

Travel, Culture and Nature Photography

As a travel, culture, and nature photographer, Lizane specialises in stories about the environment, sustainability, and the human condition. Her long-term visual projects investigate the impact of daily activities on the environment due to climate change, global warming, and natural habitat loss. She also documents events that visually portray our oceans, atmosphere, and soil changes.

Multimedia Journalism

As a (visual) journalist, Lizane covers travel, culture, environment, and sustainability stories when on the road in Europe and Africa. In addition, she writes about photography, photographic work, art, and exhibitions when she is based in Berlin.


Lizane is a Visual Experience Architect. Her passion is creating immersive and engaging digital experiences that are visually appealing and user-friendly. Her expertise lies at the intersection of visual communication, design, and technology.

A work in progress. A multimedia and visual communication portfolio.

As an independent multimedia professional with years of experience in visual communication and multimedia, Lizane has built a portfolio as a results-driven multimedia journalist and photographer. She is currently building her design portfolio, focusing on multimedia communication and digital product design.

As a seasoned multimedia communication specialist and workshop facilitator, Lizane offers extensive experience in researching, writing, reporting, editing, presenting, design, and publishing. Her work focuses on visual communication, multimedia design, text and multimedia editing. 

Louw works on features and multimedia projects that are engaging and informative. Lizane is well-versed in social media and marketing technology tools and trends. 

Lizane is a visual and multimedia communication specialist with experience in photo, video, and audio production, graphic design, UX/UI design, UX research and web content management. With her work, she aims to create visually appealing content optimised for search engines.

A career in journalism, spanning two decades

Lizane is experienced and passionate photographer and photojournalist. Her interest in news and current events initiated an interest in a career in journalism, and she started working in the media industry in South Africa in August 2007. Louw was a contract photojournalist and news photographer for national publications of Media 24. As a visual journalist for Foto24, she worked for Rapport, Kaap Rapport and Die Burger until December 2010. Louw's career took her all over the world since then, and she currently live in Germany and work as a freelance multimedia journalist, photographer and designer. The main themes of Louw's work focus on travel, culture, sustainability and the enviroment.  

As a journalist, Lizane had stories and photographs published in Huisgenoot, You, Beeld, Volksblad, Rapport, Die Burger, The Argus and Cape Times. Louw also published in Mango Magazine, The Daily Maverick, NRC Nederland's Handelsblad, La' Officiel NL, Africa is a Country and Head On Photo Festival, Australia. One of her photographs from her Blikkiesdorp series was published by the Royal School  of Fine Art, Stockholm.  

Lizane published in local South African and international publications, print as well as online. As a freelance multimedia photojournalist, she contributes images to the Gallo Image Library, Getty and Africamediaonline, when in South Africa.

Highlights of Lizane's career in South Africa

In 2008 Lizane was one of 40 photographers from Africa to receive training through the Africamediaonline Masters course. This course enriched her knowledge and expertise in the fields of photography, photojournalism and news photography.

In 2008 a story Louw worked on with a fellow journalist from Rapport, The Suitcase Murder, was nominated for a Journalism Award by Vodacom, Vodacom Journalist of the year 2008. Category: Hard News, for a feature and investigative story. 

Louw worked on a personal project in South Africa, Blikkiesdorp, from 2008 to May 2012. This feature and the story behind this unique Temporary Relocation Area, were widely published, online as well as in print, internationally.

In March 2009, the film Invictus was filmed in Cape Town. Louw photographed the American actors, Matt Damon and Kyle Eastwood during filming. These famous actors played the parts of Franscois Pienaar and Joel Stransky in the movie.

Louw collaborated with a team of Journalists from TV Folha, Brazil in 2011, who interviewed her and the work she did on the Blikkiesdorp project. The team of journalists she worled with, aimed to investigate South Africa and the Soccer World Cup of 2010. Lessons learned from Blikkiesdorp was to help support life in the favelas during the Soccer World Cup tournament in Brazil 2014. 

In 2011 Louw was published by the Royal School of Fine Art, Stockholm, Architecture Department.

Utango, a Non-Profit Company, used work from Louw's archive for a World Economic Forum event. The photo feature supported a campaign for impact investing in Africa.

In September 2011, Lizane was an official photographer of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's book launch, Tutu, The Authorized Portrait.  Louw photograph Bono, the lead singer of U2, at the Bishops' birthday celebrations, she also photographed the Archbishop at the Russell Tribunal in Cape Town, September 2011.

Multimedia journalism in Asia

Lizane's passion for travel and exploration inspired her to relocate to Asia in 2012. She continued her studies in journalism and completed a diploma in Multimedia Journalism at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Centre for Journalism, ACFJ, in 2014. Louw filmed a short film, "Dust of the Street", and wrote stories on adoption and abandonment in South Korea.

Lizane's love for visual arts, design and photography inspired her to pursue a diploma in Graphic Design at the beginning of 2015. She graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design from Ashworth College in June 2017. Louw is currently studying UX/UI design in Berlin.

Apart from her work in visual and multimedia journalism and documentary filmmaking, she also work on design and interactive design projects. She is passionate about immersive and multimedia storytelling.

Louw graduated with a Masters Degree in Journalism from Ateneo de Manila University, ACFJ,  in June 2019. 

Lizane's areas of speciality in photography is photojournalism, documentary photography, nature photography, portraiture and travel photography. Her written work in news and investigative journalism changed course, after she started researching sustainability and wrote about marine debris and pollution in Taiwan. Louw is passionate about sustainability and work on solutions based projects and stories that drive change. Lizane enjoy working on slow multimedia projects that are inspirational but also educational.

A life of travel and adventure

Lizane has travelled extensively in the past 27  years, building her career. She has explored over 60 countries and worked and lived in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, the UK, Israel, Spain, the US and Canada. Louw also gave journalism lectures at universities in India.

Lizane loves exploring cultures, different foods, art and cultural traditions. She continues to build her career on her passions- photography, storytelling, design, textiles and tea. 

Louw had  many inspirational experiences, train journeys through India, motorbike adventures on the islands of Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia. Surf adventures in Bali and South Korea. Photographic safaris in Iceland, Greece, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Lizane's most favourite experiences have been her tea adventures in Taiwan and her textile expeditions in Indonesia and India. She continues to explore tea traditions and textiles designs.

Lizane 's studio is in Berlin, Germany.

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