Story Lines

Her face is round and shiny, covered in tiny spots. Her skin
battered by the sun, exposed to harsh dry climates. Freckles in all tints of
brown cover her athletic body.

She has a glow, a golden brown tint to her skin. She has sun-kissed
skin from exposure to the unforgiving African environment. She is a white

Her eyebrows are light brown and bushy, framing her blue-green
eyes. Her eyes are the color of the winter sea, the color of the water of the Lagoon
where she grew up.

She has small leaf shaped eyes. Her left eye is smaller than the
right. Light is reflecting in
her eyes. Her eyes are always bright and shiny. There are fine lines around the
corners of her eyes, lines that curve down shows she is slowly aging.

Her lips are thin and salmon-melon pink. The fine lines, like small
train tracks running around her mouth

Her long curly desert blond hair is tied up in a messy bun under a black
felt fedora. Strands of curls, loose, dangling from underneath it. Strings of
hair framing her face.

A sunset red Balinese batik scarf is draped around her small
shoulders.  She leans on her arm as she
smiles. Her silver bangles clinking and jingling on her wrist as she moves forward
in her seat, getting ready for the photo. 
She looks into the lens. The light in her eyes dancing as she miles. Her face lights up and has a pinkish glow.

The fine wrinkles curving down around her eyes and mouth, and the
fine lines that line her eyebrow-forehead, tells stories
of a life lived, a happy life.

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